Volunteers needed – Business Crisis – Lockdown Biz Support

 Volunteers Needed from around New Zealand and the world to offer business support, mental health

Step 1

Please drop us an email through our contact page stating which area you would like to volunteer your skills:

Accounting and Finance, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Book Keeping,  Business Development and Regrowth, Marketing and Advertising, Mental Health, Information Technology, Operations, Peer Support, Purchases, Production, Remote work, Social Media, Work and Income NZ (WINZ), Other (please state)

Step 2 

Please provide a profile or other pic with your name, a brief bio, the name of your organisation/business (where applicable) and what area, or country you are from. We will post this information on our website.

Step 3 

Any queries business owners have will come through our contact address, which will be sent to a volunteer(s) for a response.  The question and response will be either posted on this page (if permitted by author where appropriate), or if the author wants their matter kept confidential, responded to by private mail.