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Established Monday 18 June 2018 Business Crisis Support NZ is the first Organisation of its kind in New Zealand set up to help & support those who have experienced, or are going through the process of business loss, bankruptcy, or insolvency. We have ‘lived experience’ of business loss & we understand fully – the psychological price of entrepreneurship. We cover a wide range of topics – many with political themes.

We did our first public speech on the impact of business loss/failure on Mental Health at the recent Govt Inquiry into Mental Health and Addictions held in Whangarei in June 2018. We sent through a submission with recommendations for improved support and education on the same topics to Govt Agencies, Business Organisations, Regulatory Bodies, Chamber of Commerces, etc to be fed upwards, downwards, and outwards to the Business and Public Arenas.

Business, Mental Health, Disability Activist Fiona Green says, ‘There is a growing demand for a specific support service like the one we are offering – not only in our community but nationwide. It wasn’t until after our presentation, that we realised how strong the demand was. A number of previous business owners came up to us after the Meeting – thanked us, and asked us to get the same message out there quick and to keep pushing. They want their voices heard.’

Business Crisis Support NZ challenges the status quo of commonly held beliefs & negative stigmas regarding business failure through debate, investigation, research and reporting.

‘There is more than one factor leading to business failure/loss. It is not just the owner’s fault. Other factors may include: natural disasters (like earthquakes), illness, staffing, theft, burglaries, market changes, competition, Acts of God, etc,’ she says.

Business Crisis Support NZ provides advocacy, support, research, and ‘look behind’ investigative services free of charge to Clients experiencing or going through the process of business loss, business failure, business bankruptcy. We carry-out lobbying/advocacy efforts, surrounding business loss, bankruptcy, insolvency, including mental health & addictions associated with entrepreneurship.

We are open 7 Days a week (including Public Holidays) 7 am to 10 pm.

Our main platforms of communication are via our Business Crisis Support NZ Community and Closed Group Facebook pages, Linkedin, and this website/blog. Contact: Fiona Green 02108520271 or email:

Ask any business questions, post any business material of interest, or motivational quotes/inspiring stories. We welcome your contributions. Tell us what you think:  please suggest other areas you feel Business Crisis Support NZ could assist. Which groups of people do you feel are being marginalised? What other campaigns could we start up? What changes would you like to see in the business/corporate sector? You may post your responses here or message the Administrator Fiona.

Where to get additional help:

Lifeline 0800-543-354 (available 24/7)
Suicide Crisis Helpline 0508-828- 865 (0508 TAUTOKO) (available 24/7)
Depression Helpline – 0800-111-757 (available 24/7)
Samaritans 0800-726-666
If it is an emergency & you feel like you or someone else is at risk, call 111.

Business Crisis Support NZ – flying the red flag for Social Justice in Business.

We instigated the Change NZ Accounting Law Petition:

All articles on this page may be used in other Publications with reference being made to the Author and Business Crisis Support NZ.

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Proud members of DPA New Zealand, and Facebook page Administrators for DPA Tai Tokerau Disabled Persons Assembly NZ

Supporters & past consumers of Northland District Health Board’s Mental Health & Addictions Services (for business loss)

Formal supporters of:

‘NZ Mental Health Foundation’ and

‘Hui e Community Aotearoa’ which seeks to promote, strengthen, & connect the Community Sector

We are a disability/mental health inclusive Organisation with Followers at different levels of entrepreneurship and people with lived experience of business loss/failure and or experience with the bankruptcy process. No one knows the hard journey better than those within this Organisation who have walked it. Empathy and acceptance is a prerequisite for yours and other’s healing.